Bitter Leaf Digestive Tea. Caffeine Free. (20) Herbal Tea Bags. Made in USA

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Bitter Leaf Digestive Tea. Caffeine Free. (20) Herbal Tea Bags.  Made in USA

Bitter Leaf Digestive Tea helps with the digestive processes. Every box containing 20 Natural Herbal Bitter Leaf Digestive herbal tea bags includes various antioxidant-rich ingredients such as Bitter leaf, Senna, and peppermint leaves. These ingredients stimulate healthy digestion while supporting digestive tract cleansing. Bitter Leaf Digestive Tea is a dietary supplement made in the USA.

Bitter Leaf Digestive Tea;  Gas and Bloating Relief Supplement. Improve Digestive Function & Gut Health, for Women & Men.

Our product is one hundred percent natural and formulated to deliver the highest level of health benefit that you expect and deserve. Because we only use natural Bitter Leaf herbs, our product is guaranteed. What is on the label is what is in the tea bags.


NATURAL SUPPLEMENT – Give yourself & your loved ones an extra health boost with Bitter Leaf vitamins, formulated from fresh African Bitter Leaf. Packed with nutrients. Bitter Leaf has an impressive dietary profile that’s low in carbs and calories while having the right amount of fiber & protein.

BENEFITS: Offers Gastrointestinal Support. Support Immune and  Supports Every Day Gentle Detox.

Gluten-free, 100 % vegetarian, and kosher.


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