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When it comes to investing in wellness and health, look no further than the Bitter Leaf to bring the most unique offerings to the table.

Bitter Leaf as a Food and Medicine

Bitter leaf has been used as food and medicine for centuries in Africa.

For instance, African Traditional Healers across the African continent use the plant for addressing and managing a number of medical conditions including: fever, malaria, stomach ache, skin infections like ringworm, acne, diabetes, cancer, insomnia, hepatitis, toothache, jaundice, diarrhea, bilharzias, pneumonia, tuberculosis, stroke, arthritis, wounds, fatigue and cough.

Another reason to Invest? It’sImportant to Communities

Ma Lusu is one of the only two birth attendants in her remote village of more than 3,000 persons where 35% or 1,050 are women of child bearing age.

Bitter leaf has also been used in gynecological situations by the traditional birth attendants (TBAs).The traditional birth attendants are elderly women in rural villages in Africa who help expectant mother to deliver in their homes.

These TBAs prepare a leaf decoction which is given to the mothers to cause the expulsion of the placenta after birth, aid post-partum uterine contraction, induce lactation and control post-partum hemorrhage.Order Your Subscription Today! 

Order Your Subscription Today! 

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