Gallbladder Trouble? Bitter Leaf Can Help

Bitter Herbs prepare the gallbladder and pancreas for the release of bile and insulin.

In our body, there is a small organ shaped like a muscular pouch where a bile is located. And now, Ssience has backed up a lot of the classic beliefs about the potency of bitter herbs.

The gallbladder becomes filled by bile at night then issued in the morning. This causes the gallbladder to be impaired, among which the form of stones in the bladder and increases inflammation.

Key to a Healthy Gallbladder

Healthy Gallbladder

Most herbal bitters are known for their abilities to regulate elimination, increase circulation, and fight off toxins (including heavy metals), thus enhancing the body’s natural cleansing process. That in itself makes bitter herbs very helpful to the gallbladder

Here is how to make herbal remedy for gallstones from the bitter leaf.

  • 30 gr of bitter fresh or 15 gr of dry plus 100 gr of corn silk. Then add 30 gr meeting buffoonery (sliced)
  • Biled them with 800 cc of water till the remaining 400 cc
  • mix the filtered water with lemon juice and honey to taste
  • consume it two times per day

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