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Boosting fertility and promoting a healthier prostate can gradually be accomplished with the nutritional benefits of bitter leaf. 

Improved Fertility

The effect of bitter leaf ranges from specifically toning the reproductive organs to boosting overall health.

The problem with a lot of infertile patients is that they do not connect infertility with “fertile nutrition”.

A nutritionist, Dr Grace Johnson, says bitter leaf can improve fertility because of its ability to boost the function of the reproductive system, balance hormones and help the ovary to release healthy eggs.

When the ovary is healthy, it releases a healthy egg (ovum) which once fertilized, results in a healthy pregnancy.

How Bitter Leaf Helps

Bitter leaf juice and Bitter leaf tea helps in reducing the estrogen level in the blood. High level of estrogen in the body prevents ovulation thereby causing infertility.

Extracts from a bitter leaf, balance the progesterone and estrogen levels hence, improving ovulation and fertility. Studies have shown that large numbers of diabetic men also suffer erectile dysfunction.

This indicates that sugar is one of the major causes of impotence in men. Bitter leaf extracts help to induce the bitter receptor behind the tongue to lowers the demand for sugar in the body.

Bitter leaf juice also helps in body cleansing, it creates an unfavorable environment for bacterial infections which causes barrenness in humans hence reducing the number of infertile cases.

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