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Bitter leaf is one of the bitterest leaves around, but it is also one of the best medicines for diarrhea.

What causes diarrhea?

Acute and persistent diarrhea may have causes that are different from those of having it chronically. In many cases, doctors do not find the cause of it. It usually goes away on its own within 4 days, and finding the cause is not necessary. 

Acute and persistent diarrhea

The most common causes of acute and persistent diarrhea are infections, travelers’ diarrhea, and side effects of medicines.


Three types of infections that can be the cause include

  • Viral infections. Many viruses cause diarrhea, including norovirus  and rotavirus . Viral gastroenteritis is a common cause of acute it. 
  • Bacterial infections. Several types of bacteria can enter your body through contaminated food or water and cause diarrhea. Common bacteria that cause it include Campylobacter Escherichia coli  (E. coli), Salmonella , and Shigella 
  • Parasitic infections. Parasites can enter your body through food or water and settle in your digestive tract. Parasites that cause it include Cryptosporidium enteritis Entamoeba histolytica , and Giardia lamblia.

Infections in the digestive tract that spread through foods or drinks are called foodborne illnesses. 

Infections lasting more than 2 weeks and less than 4 weeks can cause it to be persistent .

Travelers’ diarrhea

Travelers’ diarrhea  is caused by eating food or drinking water contaminated with bacteria, viruses, or parasites. 

Side Effects of Medicines

Medicines that may cause diarrhea include antibiotics , antacids  containing magnesium, and medicines used to treat cancer.

Chronic Diarrhea

Some infections, food allergies and intolerances, digestive tract problems, abdominal surgery, and long-term use of medicines can cause chronic diarrhea.


Some infections from bacteria and parasites that cause it do not go away quickly without treatment.

Food Allergies and Intolerances

Allergies to foods such as cow’s milk, soy, cereal grains, eggs, and seafood may cause it.

Digestive tract problems

Digestive tract problems that may include:

  • celiac disease
  • Crohn’s disease
  • irritable bowel syndrome and other functional gastrointestinal (GI) disorders
  • small intestinal bacterial overgrowth
  • ulcerative colitis

Abdominal surgery

You may develop chronic diarrhea after abdominal surgery. Abdominal surgery is an operation on the appendix, gallbladder, large intestine, liver, pancreas, small intestine, spleen, or stomach. 

Long-term use of medicines

Medicines that must be taken for a long time may cause chronic diarrhea. 

How Bitter Leaf Can Help.

Bitter leaf can be used to cure diarrhea. And then, other benefits of bitter leaf are to manageit. Add bitter leaf in your diets menu. It possibly increase you healthy level of your cuisine. Do the same by making a herbal concoction to overcome unsettledness.

  • Take as much as 9 – 15 gr of bitter leaf dried
  • Boiled it in 3 cups of water until it remains 1 cup
  • Chill and filtered it
  • Drink it 2 times a day, each ½ cup

*The information you read is researchable and open to public knowledge

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