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Boosting fertility and promoting a healthier prostate can gradually be accomplished with the nutritional benefits of bitter leaf.  Improved Fertility The effect of bitter leaf ranges from specifically toning the reproductive organs to boosting overall health. The problem with a lot of infertile patients is that they do not connect infertility with “fertile nutrition”. A …
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The history of Bitter-leaf, vernonia amydalina, and its health benefits are still scraping the surface across the world. However, it is a very common plant amongst African Cultures. Wherever it grows, surely it flourishes. African History The Igbos call it Onugbu.  The Yorubas call it Ewuro.  The Hausas call it Shiwaka.The Igbos of Eastern Nigeria use the bitter-leaf mostly as a …
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Balancing hypertension and increasing your stamina can be achieved with the help of Bitter Leaf Capsules! Bitter leaf is an herb plant. According to the, this plant has a botanical name, Vernonia Amugdalina. Bitter leaf is a name for vernonia’s flower like vernonia calvoana, vernonia amygdalina, vernonia colorata which are eaten as leaf vegetables. Bitter leaf …
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Consuming Bitter Leaf can promote advanced body function and strengthen vital organs, and also lower your high cholesterol levels. The better Bitter Leaf nutrients are consumed, the better the health effects. Regular consumption of vegetables such as Vernonia amygdalina (bitter leaf) and Telfairia occidentalis (Ugwu) can help to regulate the blood’s cholesterol level, a risk …
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