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Capsules are usually made from animal source gelatin or a plant fiber derivative (perfect for vegetarians).

Many dietary supplement consumers believe that nutrients from capsules are absorbed better than from tablets.


  • Protects the natural, important ingredients
  • Reduces gastrointestinal irritation
  • Oil and fat-soluble nutrient delivery
  • Odorless, tasteless, easy to swallow

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Disadvantages of Cooking Bitter Leaf

Capsules are more beneficial than cooking bitter leaf.
  • Decreased nutrient levels
  • Water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin C and B vitamins are often lost.
  • Minerals like potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc may be reduced by up to 60 to 70 percent
  • Glucosinolate, the sulfur-containing nutrient in broccoli that may help fight cancer is also decreased when the vegetable is boiled

Choose cooking methods that reduce the time that vegetables are exposed to heat to reduce nutrient loss.

Once picked, raw vegetables begin to lose nutrients. Store vegetables in the refrigerator and only purchase the amount you can use in a few days. Try produce that is local and in season to obtain the most nutrients.

Heart of the Matter: Capsules are Better

Regardless of how you prepare them, vegetables are full of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help sustain your health.

Because there are benefits and disadvantages of cooking your vegetables, you should consume them in the way you are more likely to receive the best benefits (hint hint, capsules).

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