Bitter Leaf


Nature’s Remedy for Healthy Life

By Dr. Idahosa Omobude

One of the most remarkable natural health supplements in existence is largely unknown outside of the continent of Africa.  Vernonia Amygdalina, more commonly known by the English ‘Bitter Leaf’ is a plant indigenous to Africa and one that is is used widely as a staple part of the diet in various cultures across the continent.

What is incredible about  Bitter Leaf (Vernonia Amygdalina) is that it is not only used regularly to keep the body and mind healthy, but it can also be used to treat a wide array of pre-existing conditions in a gentle way that cannot be replicated in modern medicine. Such are the benefits to health of Bitter Leaf, that it we believe it should be included as part of everyone’s daily routine.


Some Bitter Leaf (Vernonia Amygdalina) Facts:


  • This magical plant is native to Africa and prefers the wet forests of the Tropics
  • It is known in English as ‘Bitter Leaf’, due to its bitter taste
  • For thousand of years, it has been used in African society in the preparation of soups and for treatment for numerous health realted illness.


So, what can Bitter Leaf be used to remedy and prevent?

The list of health benefits to the daily consumption of Bitter Leaf is a long and varied one and some of the entries on it may surprise you.



Believe it or not, Vernonia Amygdalina can be used to assist those afflicted with cancer. Official studies have demonstrated that consuming bitter leaf can actually inhibit the growth and spread of cancerous cells and whilst Bitter Leaf isn’t technically a medicine, it can still be as effective as some of the traditional cancer treatments without the horrendous side effects they produce.


Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes

With almost 10% of the population of the US suffering from type 2 diabetes and a further 85 million in a ‘pre-diabetic’ state, it’s true to say that the problem has reached almost epidemic proportions. Thankfully, Bitter Leaf offers a meaningful preventative measure to significantly reduce the chances of developing the illness.


Lowering of LDL Cholesterol

The Western diet is heavily influenced by the mass production processes used and with convenience food preferred by many, raised  ‘Bad’ cholesterol is an unwanted consequence. Bitter Leaf can be used to reduce high levels of LDL cholesterol, which when left unchecked can lead to all sorts of heart related issues like angina, heart disease and strokes.


Powerful Antioxidant

The modern world presents many things that can cause toxicity in the body, such as bad diet and pollution and it is this ‘oxidation’ that can hugely increase the risks of developing cancer and other life threatening illnesses. Bitter Leaf is a power antioxidant that leaves your body’s vital systems much more balanced and healthy.


Cardiovascular Disease

Another on the list of Bitter Leaf health benefits is the positive effect the consumption of Bitter Leaf has on heart health. The plant contains the amazingly useful linolenic acid, which is hugely important to the body. The body can’t make this polyunsaturated fatty acid on its own, so it needs to be ingested as part of your daily diet.

When consumed regularly, Bitter Leaf has been found to reduce a person’s chances of developing cardiovascular disease by as much as 40%. It is also known to improve general circulation in the body and reduce high blood pressure. When compared to the prospect of taking harmful daily medications such as statins for the rest of your life, Bitter Leaf has to be the more appealing option.


Weight Loss

The Western lifestyle is also responsible for a crisis in obesity and Bitter Leaf can even help with that. Not only is Bitte Leaf a natural appetite suppressant, but in addition to the circulation and heart benefits mentioned above, taking a Bitter Leaf regularly with leave you energised and feeling much better generally.


Reducing Inflammation

Yes, there is even more to consider from this incredible plant, as it also has some amazing antiseptic qualities. It can be used to treat fever, reduce general inflammation and also to rid the body of parasites. Chimpanzees native to the area are known to eat Bitter Leaf in the wild to get rid of internal parasites, which just goes to show that even animals know how beneficial it is.


Topical Use

Bitter Leaf can also be used topically, to treat a wide range of skin complaints. The plant contains a natural antibiotic, meaning that infections present in some skin diseases are dealt with, with great effect. Applied to the skin, it can not only treat itching, bites and allergic reactions, but is also able to help reduce signs of ageing, as it fights the free radicals that cause lines and wrinkles. Even scabs, scabies and eczema can be alleviated with Bitter Leaf.


The Miracle Remedy

 The amazing thing is that even this catalogue of numerous health benefits is still only scratching the surface of what  Bitter Leaf  (Vernonia Amygdalina) is able to treat and prevent. If you would like to find out more about this and many other incredibly nutritious and beneficial herbs from the African continent, you can find what you need on this website Alternatively, you can do so by calling 1-888-795-1119.

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